Celebrated society columnist and industry insider Ben Widdicombe captures the culture of fashion at the shows and all over town.

Pamela and Deniz are our Fashion PR experts and fixtures on the NYFW beat. They're bringing all the runway action to you with reports from inside the tents at the week's hottest shows.

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Leather, Love & Peace: Nicole Murphy


Jewelry designer Nicole (the ex Mrs. Eddie) Murphy looked stunning Monday as she walked out of the Monique Lhuillier show at Bryant Park.

“I loved the show so much,” she told me. “Especially the gown that looked like it was made from some kind of sheer mesh, black with light pink. It was beautiful!” Nicole herself was dressed entirely in black leather Escada, with a striking gold chain and buckle on her belt. (Think Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” character dressed for a night on the town.)

The former model said that these days a lot of her time was devoted to her jewelry range, Friendship, Love & Peace. But, for a woman accustomed to life in the spotlight, she said that Fashion Week still gives her a special thrill.

NYC Fairy Tale: Ashley Parker


“I’m a new New Yorker,” said Ashley Parker brightly, pausing to pose on chilly Sixth Avenue.

“Bright” is the word for Ashley, whose sunny personality radiates palpably around her and is reflected in her upbeat personal style.

“I’m a freelance writer, and I just moved here from D.C. where I worked at the Washington Post,” she told me. Ashley was head-to-toe Betsey Johnson, including a fun red party dress, vaguely Cruella De Vil (but fur-free) black and white coat and a gorgeous, sparkly panda pendant around her neck.

“I love New York and how people dress here. Washington is very conservative, and it just seems that nobody takes the time for fashion,” she gushed. “People watching at Fashion Week is my favorite thing to do.”

But Ashley didn’t have time to dally—she was off to an appointment on the other side of town. So after a quick snap of the shutter, she stepped into a cab and vanished, like a story-book fantasy of a well-dressed New York career woman. A perfect example of there always being time to look sensational.

Show Me the Greenback


Snapped: Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley. Known to have opinions large enough to match his imposing silhouette. I caught him wearing a green dollar-sign sweater and fur scarf as he crossed W. 40th from the Fashion Week tents to enter the Bryant Park Hotel. Do you think he's trying to make a comment about the industry?

Generation Next


Students from the Fashion Institute of Technology on Seventh Avenue (known locally as “Fashion Avenue”) add color to the Tents every season. This striking duo—Michelle Kang and Kyu Sang Kim—are both majoring in women’s design, but from talking with them it seems like they also have a healthy minor in shopping.

Michelle’s beautiful slit-sleeve purple coat is by Roni in New York, and the rest of her outfit was discovered in downtown vintage shops. Her friend is wearing an Ian Becks shirt, Uniqlo trousers and a vintage black leather jacket from Korea.

I met them sitting on the granite lip of the indoor fountain which is the centerpiece of the imposing Bryant Park tent lobby.

“I’m seeing a lot of hip-hop and androgynous looks this season,” said Mr. Kyu. “I like that, since my personal style is androgyny.”

With such smart young minds and looks, the future of fashion is bright.

Spirited Style: Levon Saunders


Levon Saunders understands what it means to leave the house camera-ready. The former model turned stylist was turning so many heads at Fashion Week, mid-way through our conversation, she had to step away to be photographed by someone else, then come back.

She achieves her cohesive style by combining garments from a wide variety of designers and price points. “The sweater is Dior, the boots are Marciano, the bag is Aldo, and the hat is Alexander Wang for H&M,” she said.

“What I wear each day depends on my spirit,” she explained, and added with a chuckle, “I guess today I was feeling gray!”

And as a stylist, her favorite early Fashion Week show?

Ports 1961 was amazing,” she said.