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A Fond Farewell

Hi friends!

Our lovely "From The Floor" experience is taking a hiatus. I think it's time we kick our knowledge into gearand start attacking those closets!  Spring is almost here, and now more than ever it's vital to know what's in those closets...Does it still fit? Can you still wear it? Should you still wear it? Is it no longer appropriate for public viewing?

Keep these thoughts in mind while revisiting. Alterations could be just the trick, but if you ask yourself: "Would I buy this now if I saw it in a store?" and the answer is no, then you need to introduce it to the donate pile. Someone else will love it, I'm sure. Don't be scared to's the green thing to do!

And so it goes. This fashionista is signing off. I have loved every single minute of writing to you and I hope some of it's been enlightening. Go out into the world looking fabulous, feeling fabulous and make me proud!

"Markdown and the City"

Hi friend!

Have you seen it yet? I'm happy to report that there was no standing in line necessary for the big first screening of "Sex and the City".  The theater had added a few extra shows and no one had to stand in the cold...bravo to the theater for that.  The fashion show of couture (both in the movie and in the theater) was breath-taking (in both satisfied ahhs and horrified gasps).  It seemed like New York had lost it's title as the fifth lady and the wardrobe closet had won it.  So. Much. Fashion.  Most of the time it was sheer styling brilliance...other times a little bit of a miss (what's with wearing pearls to bed?!?)  But I was constantly reminded of how fast this lovely industry turns around. In almost every scene, someone was wearing something that had been marked down for our latest designer sale: Chanel, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana. Not to mention the seriously looked like they'd hit the first day of pre-sale two weeks ago.  But, so much more importantly, I was reminded that it's not about singling out the pieces but layering them up to create your own personal, fabulous style. That's what Miss Carrie always did best, and this time was no different.  She always inspires creativity, passion and originality when it comes to the relationship between you and your personal style, and feeling really good about yourself when you're wearing fabulous fashion.  And THAT is what makes this industry worth it.

Carrie Me Away!

Hi friend!

I've never stood in line for hours waiting for a movie before. I didn't pop my tent in front of the theater playing Star Wars, freezing in the early morning hours in anticipation of light-sabers. Nor did I bring my beach chair and a book to the line for Indiana Jones and wait and wait and wait. I don't do that. At least I didn't do that. Tonight, I will be standing in line for hours waiting patiently for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and their costumes. I'm the dork that will be cheering and clapping at 12:01 am when the lights go down...and I couldn't be more excited to be so dorky. To be among the first to see the costumes alone will be worth the chill. The fashion is going to be insane...special couture pieces and looks (literally) right off the runways. I will have a full rundown for you tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bust out a fabulous "Sex and the City" outfit and wait patiently. I don't know what it'll look like quite yet, but I know it will include my fuchsia patent leather Manolo slingbacks and this cocktail ring:

Rebecca Large Square Peridot Ring
Cocktail Ring

The Super Secret Sale

Hi friend!

We get to do this really cool thing in Designer when sale time rolls around. We get the lists of what will be going on sale about a week before the actual break-date of the sale, and then we get to call our fabulous customers and tell them the good news...otherwise known as pre-selling. We'll change the floor around so the pre-sale pieces are separated from the regular price and put up signs on those fixtures that say "Pre-Sale In Progress".  If you don't have anyone you work with in the Designer departments and just happen to wander in, you too get to reap the benefits of the wonderful world of pre-sale. One of the reasons we do this is to make sure our customers get to secure the best of the best before the sales break in the other stores. Sneaky? Never. Convenient and brilliant? Absolutely. Shoes, handbags and apparel all fall under this magical spell (though not always at the same time) so it's best to find a buddy in at least one of the departments in order to be in the know. We just happen to be in pre-sale mode right now in apparel and the break-date just happens to be tomorrow. But, don't worry if you miss this one...Designer Finale is right around the corner (July) and is otherwise known as The Motherload. Oh yes...The Motherload.      

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