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April 2009

A Fond Farewell

Hi friends!

Our lovely "From The Floor" experience is taking a hiatus. I think it's time we kick our knowledge into gearand start attacking those closets!  Spring is almost here, and now more than ever it's vital to know what's in those closets...Does it still fit? Can you still wear it? Should you still wear it? Is it no longer appropriate for public viewing?

Keep these thoughts in mind while revisiting. Alterations could be just the trick, but if you ask yourself: "Would I buy this now if I saw it in a store?" and the answer is no, then you need to introduce it to the donate pile. Someone else will love it, I'm sure. Don't be scared to donate...it's the green thing to do!

And so it goes. This fashionista is signing off. I have loved every single minute of writing to you and I hope some of it's been enlightening. Go out into the world looking fabulous, feeling fabulous and make me proud!

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