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"Markdown and the City"

Hi friend!

Have you seen it yet? I'm happy to report that there was no standing in line necessary for the big first screening of "Sex and the City".  The theater had added a few extra shows and no one had to stand in the cold...bravo to the theater for that.  The fashion show of couture (both in the movie and in the theater) was breath-taking (in both satisfied ahhs and horrified gasps).  It seemed like New York had lost it's title as the fifth lady and the wardrobe closet had won it.  So. Much. Fashion.  Most of the time it was sheer styling brilliance...other times a little bit of a miss (what's with wearing pearls to bed?!?)  But I was constantly reminded of how fast this lovely industry turns around. In almost every scene, someone was wearing something that had been marked down for our latest designer sale: Chanel, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana. Not to mention the bags...it seriously looked like they'd hit the first day of pre-sale two weeks ago.  But, so much more importantly, I was reminded that it's not about singling out the pieces but layering them up to create your own personal, fabulous style. That's what Miss Carrie always did best, and this time was no different.  She always inspires creativity, passion and originality when it comes to the relationship between you and your personal style, and feeling really good about yourself when you're wearing fabulous fashion.  And THAT is what makes this industry worth it.


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