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Sex and the City Influence

I know it's only Monday, but I can't wait until Friday. Not because it is the start to the weekend but because it is the night of the Sex and the City: The Movie premiere. Even if you weren't obsessed with the show, we should all look forward to the premiere because it will undoubtedly showcase designer after designer, give us head-to-toe looks and re-define sexy. From the show's start to its finish, we saw fashions evolve, designers come and go and I would have to say SATC helped many of us learn about the high fashion world. Not everyone is engulfed in the fashion industry and SATC was a place that introduced lasting names such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin to the rest of the world. Through the show, it was easy for many of us to see what looked great together and what did not and I couldn't empathize any more with Carrie's love affair with shoes. Amazingly enough it was never tiring to see her over-the-top obsession with shoes and she wasn't the only one.

From my time on the floor, it is undoubtedly clear the demand for designers shoes has risen. It is no longer a fantasy for many of you but has become a reality. For the greatest period of time, the designer customer fit a certain mold. She had the bling, the clothes, the bag, we can all envision a certain stereotype, but today, the designer world has grown to include a diverse palate for those who appreciate amazing designers and I love it. It is refreshing to see diversity on my floor and I would like to thank SATC for helping many of us get there.


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