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Carrie Me Away!

Hi friend!

I've never stood in line for hours waiting for a movie before. I didn't pop my tent in front of the theater playing Star Wars, freezing in the early morning hours in anticipation of light-sabers. Nor did I bring my beach chair and a book to the line for Indiana Jones and wait and wait and wait. I don't do that. At least I didn't do that. Tonight, I will be standing in line for hours waiting patiently for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and their costumes. I'm the dork that will be cheering and clapping at 12:01 am when the lights go down...and I couldn't be more excited to be so dorky. To be among the first to see the costumes alone will be worth the chill. The fashion is going to be insane...special couture pieces and looks (literally) right off the runways. I will have a full rundown for you tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bust out a fabulous "Sex and the City" outfit and wait patiently. I don't know what it'll look like quite yet, but I know it will include my fuchsia patent leather Manolo slingbacks and this cocktail ring:

Rebecca Large Square Peridot Ring
Cocktail Ring


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