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Memorial Day blues

Now that everyone is back to work I can see who remembered to use sunscreen this weekend and who didn't by the pink, sunburned skin.  Did you know when you get a sunburn the top layer of your skin dies.  I know that sounds harsh but your skin is a living organ, in fact it is the largest organ we have and often neglected. It's crucial to protect your skin for the harmful rays of the sun to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. In fact, over 80% of our aging comes from the environment.  Which means, you can help prevent pre-mature aging like wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots just by using sunscreen.  It's even better if you incorporate a SPF (sun protection factor) into your daily routine but even more essential when your outside in the elements.  With summer right around the corner I wanted to send all of you the link to our sun shop.  It list all the things beauty to help you beat the heat.  Remember first step, sunscreen...from there it's great looking bronzers, self-tanners and shimmering makeup.  Love the skin your in and take good care of it!



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