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Attention Fashionistas!

It is finally time to apply for Nordstrom's BP Fashion Board!  If you want to have a career in the fashion industry or if you just love fashion, then Fashion Board would be perfect for you.  If you are going to be a freshman (in high school) next year or are a current freshman, sophomore or junior with at least a 2.5 GPA, then you are eligible to apply.  Fashion Board meetings are held at your local Nordstrom's once a month.     

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I absolutely love Fashion Board and here are a few reasons why you will too…

1) Fashion:  I obviously love Fashion Board because it revolves around fashion.  We discuss the latest trends at the beginning of every meeting and we also style our own looks using clothes and accessories from BP. Everything that we do is fashion related!


2)  Friends:  Fashion Board is filled with girls that are just like you, this is the perfect opportunity to make some new fashionable friends.  Everyone on the board has a passion for fashion and it is interesting to see everyone's own unique personal styles.  

3)  Opportunity's: The opportunity's that are provided by Fashion Board are endless.  You meet people that are extremely knowledgeable and this gives you the chance to start making some connections within the fashion industry.   You could even be the next BP blogger!  :)

4)  Inside Look:  Fashion Board gives you information and an inside look at the company and potential careers with Nordstrom's and within the fashion industry.  

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5)  Fun:  Last but definitely not least, Fashion Board is fun!  It involves my favorite things, fashion, fashion and more fashion.  We get the chance to design our own lines and outfits and we are even planning a fashion show right now!


Applications are due on April 15th.  You only have one month to apply!  So get started asap and have fun with it!  Your application should reflect your style and it should tell Nordstrom's who you truly are and why you deserve to be on the board.

***Here is the link to the application!***

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Have fun working on the applications and remember to let your true self sparkle and shine amidst all of the other applications!


Stay fab,



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